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The virgins
French short movie (1998)

Publicado en LOVE IN BLUE el: 27 June 2009

por Henry






 - I have to tell you something! I’ve never been with a man.
 - You don’t need to worry. It is so easy! Speaking of which, I’ve never been with a woman.
 - You’re lying!
 - I swear, it’s true.
 - Why haven’t you ever tried?
 - I don’t know. I never felt like it.
 - You don’t know what you’re missing.
 - I heard they use to grind their teeth.
 - Not every woman!
 - Well, I’m sure I’m a way better sucker compared to a woman.
 - Cocky!
 - You wanna try?
 - Yeah... Okay...

 - So, how was it?
 - Incredible.
 - It’s funny. We’re both virgins. You with boys and me with girls. (pause) You wanna suck me too?
 - If you want to...
 - But don’t grind your teeth!

 - Please, stop, or I will come! (pausa) Not bad at all for a virgin!
 - Paul.
 - Yes?
 - You know what I’d like to do?
 - What?
 - I think I want to kiss you!
 - Then kiss me.