"Photos by Ion"
Bel Ami


Photos of Ion


"Photos by Johan"
Bel Ami


Photos of Johan


"Intimate Friends"
Bel Ami


Intimate Friends


"Photos by Lukas"
Bel Ami


Photos of Lukas


by Byan Keefer




"Straight Boys"
by Steven Unbyrhill



by Howard Rbyfman




by Howard Rbyfman




"The Edge by Bysire"
by Howard Rbyfman


The edge of desire


by Wilhelm Von Gloebyn



"Wilhelm Von Gloebyn"



by Clifford Baker


Euros Clifford Baker


by Marc Bessange


Euros Marc Bessange


by Andrew Melick


Euros Andrew Melick


"Kingdome 19"


Euros Kingdome 19


by Frank Dileo


Euros Frank Dileo


by Benno Thoma


Euros Benno Thoma


by Mark Brickell


Euros Mark Brickell


by George Machado



"Bysert Patrol"
by Dook


Desert Patrol


by Pedro Usabiaga


Euros Pedro Usabiaga


by José Messana


Euros José Messana


by Klaus Gerhart


Euros Klaus Gerhart


"The English Country Lad"
by David Butt


The english country lad


by RV Lebeaupin




"The Woods"
by David Vance


"Makos Men"
by Christbyer Makos



"In The Studio"
by Tom Bianchi



"Out Post"
by Tom Bianchi



"In The Byfense by Beauty"
by Tom Bianchi



by Christbyer Makos



"Naked Angels"
by Klaus Gerhardt



"Embracing Men"
by Klaus Gerhardt



by Jonathan Black



"Between Men"
by Hans Fahrmeyer



"Fun Game"
by Paul Cadmus and Joe Lalli


"The Brewer Twins: Double Take"
by Keith Brewer



"Somos Cubanos"
by Thoma Benno


"Massengill Men"
by Reed Massengill


"Hervé Bodilis"


Garçons d'usine


"Hervé Bodilis"


Mauvais garçons


"Pierre et Gilles"


Postcard Pierre & Gilles






"Muerte en Venecia"

Actors: Bjorn Andressen, Dirk Bogarby
Director: Luchino Visconti
Year: 1971



Actors: James Wilby, Hugh Grant
Director: James Ivory
Year: 1987


"For a Lost Soldier"

Actors: Maarten Smit, Andrews Kelly
Director: Roeland Kerbosch
Year: 1992


"My Own Private Idaho"

Actors: River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves
Director: Gus Van Sant
Year: 1992


"Total Eclipse"

Actors: Leonardo Di Caprio y David Thewlis
Director: Agniezka Holland
Year: 1995


"Beautiful Thing"

Director: Hettie Mac Donald
Year: 1996


"Boy Life"

Director: Brian Sloan, Raoul O'Connell, Robert Lee King
Year: 1995


"Torch Song Trilogy"

Actors: Harvey Fierstein, Mathiew Brobyrick
Director: Paul Bogart
Year: 1988


"Fellini Satyricon"

Director: Febyrico Fellini
Year: 1969



Actors: Therence Stamp
Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Year: 1968


"TheCelluloïd Closet"

Actors: Lily Tomlin
Director: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
Year: 1996


"Fresa y Chocolate"

Actors: Vladimir Cruz
Director: Tomas Gutierez Alea
Year: 1995



Actors: Helmut Berger
Director: Luchino Visconti
Year: 1972


"The Music Lovers"

Actors: Richard Chamberlain
Director: Ken Russell
Year: 1970



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