(Translated by AL)

It's 3 a.m.

As usual, I can't sleep. I have to get out of my room so the darkness and silence don't suffocate me. So I go to the balcony, and lift my head towards the stars-the same stars that shone that night, nearly a year ago, when I made love for the first time.

I say "make love" because the other relationships I'd had before were sex and nothing more.

Ari, my best friend, had invited me camping for the weekend. We drove there on Friday morning in his pickup, and on the way chatted about music, TV, this and that.

First we put up the tent, and saw to the cool-box and sleeping bags and other stuff until everything was arranged.

Then we ate and went for a stroll to check the place out. We sat on a rock and watched as the sun set behind a mountain. Back at the tent, we lit a fire and sat talking about our sexual exploits with girls. We both agreed our experiences had been less than perfect.

We began to have more confidence and I told him about the time I'd shared a bath with my cousin, when I was seven and he was fourteen. I told him how he'd played with my little penis, kissed it and licked it. I told him I'd enjoyed it. Then he confessed that something similar had happened to him which he'd also liked. We went on talking about other things until we were sleepy and ready for bed. Inside the tent we talked some more, until sleep overtook us.

In the morning I woke first, and saw his penis was erect. It excited me so much that I couldn't resist touching it through his briefs. This woke him up, and I simply took my hand away.

He smiled at me, but neither of us said anything.

We got up and had breakfast, and went off to swim in a nearby pool. When we got in the water something very special happened: we stood looking at each other for a while, I don't know how long, so close that we might almost have kissed, but nothing happened.

After swimming all morning, we went back to the rock where we were before. There were few clouds, and the sky was very clear, and stars started to show even before the sun had set.

We returned to the tent. The sky was completely covered with stars. We knew from the events of the day that something was going to take place that night. I think that's why we decided to 'go to sleep' a little early. We moved very close, and for a long time watched each other, until we kissed and embraced.

But it was so hot inside the tent. We decided it would be better to 'sleep' outside, under the stars. We took out our sleeping bags and laid them out on the ground. We undressed completely, saying it was also because of the heat.

We lay down and continued kissing. Ari began to work his mouth down my body until he reached my penis, and he began sucking it beautifully (although now he does it better). He carried on sucking it and playing with my testicles. It was so good. I caressed his head, and I couldn't help myself sighing and moaning. He moved himself over me in a "69" position and a set to work kissing his anus. Then he said

"I've always dreamed of doing something like this, and I'm so pleased that it's with you. I adore sucking you." 

Later we turned to face each other and spent a long time kissing until Ari presented his back to me, with his bottom in front of my penis which was very hard. Instinctively, and without even thinking about it, I penetrated him. It felt soft and warm. Slowly I moved in and out of my best friend.

I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible, and whispered in his ear how much I loved him, and how much our friendship meant to me. At some point I could wait no more. I began to thrust faster and faster until I came inside him. We were both so exhausted that we fell asleep without separating.

I think I slept the whole night inside my friend, under the stars, under the same stars which I now see from my balcony as I recall the most beautiful moment of my life.

Julián (aged 17)

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