(Translated by AL)

It was when my cousin came to live with us in the capital. He is big guy, blond and blue-eyed, muscular and very handsome (with a gorgeous cock and a bum so delightfully curved that anyone would drool over it…)

As there wasn't a spare room in the house he slept in mine, in my bed. I was very innocent, and didn't know anything at all about sex.

The first two nights I slept normally, if a little bit put-out because I'd wanted to sleep alone. On the third day I'd had a lot of coffee after dinner which kept me awake. Perhaps something had already happened the other nights, but as I sleep like a log I hadn't noticed anything.

That night I couldn't sleep, but I kept still so as not to disturb my cousin. He thought that I was asleep and he started to move very close to me. I was on my back. He put his leg on top of my cock and I thought he must be cold. It felt quite good and I did not move. After a little while my cousin started to rub my dick with his leg, giving me an erection which must have surprised him because he immediately took away his leg.

I did not know what to do but one thing I was sure about was that I'd enjoyed it. But then he said

"What a cock! I wonder what were thinking of - me?"

After a little while, he started doing it again. I'd lost my erection but it came back. This time, he didn't take away his leg but instead put his hand between his leg and my bulge, and started to massage my dick. He rubbed it for a long time and, when he saw that I didn't move, he raised himself up, drew back the bedclothes, pulled aside my tight white briefs and began to suck my cock, which I responded to with great moans.

On hearing this, my cousin moved so that I could suck him too, but as I was completely inexperienced I only rubbed it and kissed it briefly. After a while, he changed positions again and started kissing me delightfully, and he said he had wanted me from the first moment he saw me. I asked him about what he was doing with me, as I didn't really understand.

He replied that I didn't need to understand it but just to enjoy it, because it would be the best thing I'd ever tried. Then he put on the light and said "take off my briefs" and I did it. He played with his cock while he watched me, he moved close to me, put his cock in my face and said:

"Look at it. Maybe you don't like it now, but later you'll love it."

But I already liked that gorgeous fat cock, long and white. He said "take it and pull back the foreskin."

He was uncircumcised so I pulled back his foreskin little by little. His cock was enormous - about 8 inches long and very thick, and it had huge veins.

He taught me how to suck and I did it perfectly. Then he took down my briefs and sucked me. He told me I had a delicious cock. I prefer uncircumcised cocks, and he likes circumcised ones like mine. So he was very happy to be sucking mine.

Then he asked me to fuck him up the bum, which scared me and I told him no. He understood and explained it all to me, and then I agreed. He lubricated me and put a condom on me, then he sat on my cock, taking it in gradually until it was all inside him. He told me it hurt because it was the first time, but soon the pain went away.

I couldn't hold back for long, and I came at the same time as him. He shot a huge load onto the bed.

I'll never forget my first time.

We did it again, almost every night. We had some beautiful moments together, until he got married and went to live in another city.






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