(Translated by AL)

Part Two

In the next few days we were inseparable, in the mornings playing on the beach and in the afternoons at the swimming pool or going for bike rides in the nearby woods.

Miguel was full of energy, and his company so delightful that the time flew by. What had started as a physical attraction was becoming true friendship.

In spite of what happened the first day, hardly anything sexual occurred, and the little which did was started by him. He would start a friendly fight that ended in the two of us embracing and rolling round on the ground, or suggest the tickling game again. All this turned me on, and I hoped something more would happen although I didn't exactly know what.

One morning I was in the garden at his house, blowing up a dinghy to take to the beach, when he quietly and deliberately rested his foot against mine as he sucked his left thumb. When I looked at him, he seized the moment and with a quick movement pulled down the front of his trunks to reveal his penis. I was speechless, but he just laughed. After a moment he covered up again. Neither of us mentioned it, and we carried on talking about other things as if nothing had happened. But clearly something had happened… I was very excited, and interpreted his exhibition as a clear invitation to start some kind of sex play. But at the same time I was afraid that the adults might find us, and besides there was our age difference. My desire conquered my fear, and all I could think about was when we could be alone so I could ask him to show me more.

We went down to the beach, entered the water with the boat, and soon we were out of sight of the shore. I rowed while Miguel sat on the opposite side, in front of me. Once more, before I could take the initiative, he reached over with his foot and started rubbing my swimming shorts, before sliding his toes into the opening to massage my erection through the thin inner lining. I almost ejaculated right then. I told him it would be better if he sat next to me so I could row faster. I didn't need to ask him twice, and he settled between my legs with his back against my chest.

I soon forgot about rowing, and as the waves gently rocked the boat I caressed his thigh and knee with one hand, while the other rested on his tummy, below the navel. He leant his head back against with total abandon, and I felt the warmth of his cheek and the smell of his skin. I felt a happiness like never before, not even in the sporadic sexual contacts I'd had with other boys. Best of all was his enjoyment, his desire, and our friendship.

I become bolder and started to rub his penis through his little red Speedos. He pressed his head further back, rubbing it gently against my neck, almost as if he were whispering in my ear. My right hand went inside his swimsuit, stroking the smooth hairless skin, and found his penis - warm, hard, and big for his age - and incredibly smooth.
He sighed and I felt his breath on my chest. I speeded up my hand and started masturbating him openly, until he gave out a little moan of pleasure and I felt his penis spasm in my hand as I ejaculated uncontrollably into my swimsuit.

He kissed my neck, and I trembled as I nuzzled the back of his neck with my lips. I hadn't let go of his penis, and when I touched the head I realised that he'd had his orgasm without ejaculating. I, on the other hand, had soaked my swimsuit and it was beginning to soak through and wet his back. After a few more caresses, I slipped into the water before he could catch sight of the evidence, so as not to alarm him because I thought he knew nothing about all that.

I loved that boy. I felt for him something I'd never before experienced for anyone, and nothing in the world would have made me hurt him or upset him.

And then I started feeling guilty. I thought what we'd done was very wrong. My school was run by the church, and I knew all this was a serious sin. Besides, I was the guilty one because even though it was always Miguel who started things, I was older and more responsible and should have stopped it. He was the one I felt bad for: had I harmed him? Or even abused him?

But Miguel - spontaneous, not troubled by guilt, living for the moment - dispelled these thoughts when he jumped into the water, put his arms round my chest, and planted his lips on mine after saying "I love you." This couldn't be something dirty or wicked, I knew it from the indescribably feeling of well-being which his words produced, the warmth, his intimacy, the way he watched me smile like the true friend I was. I returned his kiss lovingly…

End of Part Two

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