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The City whose Prince is an Adolescent The reason, if there is one, for this page.  
Homophobia Some personal reflections on this subject.  
Adso, an actual adolescent    
Young Gays

A deep and lasting beauty…  
Memories of an idiot Some texts which I committed, from certain recollections  
About Henry Do you want to know who I am?  Coming soon.
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"The City"
We open again this intended section has to " parainner " the pages of young homosexuals which have many things to say, and which do it with a great deal of courage and talent.
- David's page (" Stop protecting me ")
 Coming soon.
That’s far enough! This section exposes cases of homophobia.
If you have a story to share, please send it to us.


In Memoriam In memory of young martyrs: victims of intolerance, a failure to understand, or intransigence. In other words, victims of the cruelty and ignorance in society.


Homage to... George Harrison


The City’s archives All our past correspondence Coming soon.



Nude Male Galleries Link to the site "Ganymede" where you can see the most beautiful pictures of male nudes on the net  
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Art Galleries Main Gallery
Henry Scott Tuke´s Gallery
Joaquin Sorolla´s Gallery (coming soon)

Do you like Ballet?

Photographies of contemporary dancers.   

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 Lovers  Where we speak about some famous homosexuals... Coming soon. 
 Texts and Images  Stories with sexy images...  Coming soon.
 Your health  Platon, our friendly doctor, tells you how to stay healthy and practise safe sex. He begins with masturbation, curvature of the penis, and AIDS. You can also send him you questions.  Coming soon.
The Tables of the Law Because the Law takes charge also of our private life and our sexual relations, it is always useful to know it..   Coming soon.
 Contacts Do you want to meet other boys? Check out the messages here, or post your own message. It’s free and…who knows where it might lead?   
 Your experiences  Tell us your tale, or read what the other boys have sent.  



The Love in blue's  Clubs  Get in touch with other guests of The City, with our chat rooms, small ads, and more… 
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Humor It's good to laugh, especially to laugh at ourselves.  
Gay Puzzle  (Photos are changed every fortnight)  
 Solidarity in The City  Homosexuals have a reputation for being egocentric and individualists. Here we try to dispel that idea and show that we are perfectly capable of helping.   Coming soon.
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